Your Startup Needs Digital Marketing in 2020 More than Ever Before

You’ve launched your own startup. What’s next? Well, it’s time to up the game by building online presence and adopting a robust marketing and advertising strategy that gets results. Long before the world was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, which led to increased internet and mobile device usage, digital marketing was “the deal” for most modern-day entrepreneurs and enterprises.

Harnessing the power of digital marketing is one of the primary steps that established businesses, more so startups, need to take to improve their sales growth. And it is not only about strengthening sales growth but also enhancing brand awareness that digital marketing is considered as a numero uno priority in the contemporary digital world.

Successful digital marketing involves using combination of digital strategies

Digital marketing is here to stay for decades. No startup can afford to turn a blind eye to digital marketing strategies when a majority of potential customers are indoors during COVID-19 lockdowns.

Online marketing campaigns: Email marketing is not dead. It still holds a special place in the digital marketing strategy of today’s enterprises, including startups. Online marketing campaigns also involve the use of storytelling video advertisements, influencer or user-generated content, multiple social media platforms, interesting online contests, viral memes, cultural references, common interests of customers, and experiential marketing.

Video content marketing: Marketing videos are played everywhere, from mobile phones and personal laptops to digital billboards at malls, airports, and streets. While the cost factor could restrict startups from using video marketing, they can start from low-cost options such as creating YouTube videos or live videos for different social media platforms.

High ROI SEO strategies: Whether you are a startup or large corporation, you cannot do away with strategic SEO to take your digital performance, ranking, and visibility to the next level. Lengthier and detailed content, web scraping, title tags optimization, featured snippets, and cross-linking to your own web pages are among key SEO strategies that promise a high ROI.

PPC for startups: PPC may sound expensive for startups, but it is worth every penny. It can quickly get you to top Google rankings even before organic SEO yields results. Moreover, dynamic PPC campaigns can be tailored to your startup’s goals and budget.

Affiliate marketing partnership: It’s simply a no-risk marketing strategy for startups with a tight budget and need for faster growth. Performance-based marketing tactics are best for enterprises that want other businesses or individuals (affiliate networks) to drive sales for them and only pay for the achieved results.

With search engines such as Google becoming more powerful and smarter with time and the need for qualified, low-investment web traffic increasing, the significance of digital marketing for startups will become even more paramount.