Why Data Quality and Hygiene are Key to Orchestrating High-Conversion Email Outreach Campaigns

How would your body respond if you regularly consume low-quality and unhygienic food? With the COVID-19 pandemic becoming worse, it would be even more risky to feed your body with unhealthy food. Now imagine your email marketing team using data that’s not updated, irrelevant, duplicate, and inaccurate. Do you think your email outreach campaign would give results? Most probably not.

With global email users expected to increase to over 4.6 billion by 2025, email marketing can up the game for B2B marketers. In 2019, 78% of marketers saw growth in email engagement. For meaningful and productive email engagement, you need to invest in data quality and hygiene. Don’t forget, email marketing can return you approximately $42 for every dollar you invest in it.

How is high data hygiene level directly proportional to email outreach campaign success?

Remember, poor data hygiene can mess up your email marketing efforts. Here are some important reasons to give top priority to data hygiene.

Improved email marketing ROI: Use email scrubbing to get rid of unengaged subscribers or to filter your email list to avoid unnecessary email marketing costs and disappointing results.

Reduced email bounces: Email bounce rate can hurt your email outreach campaign as significantly as email spam complaint rate. Email list cleansing is a proven way to ensure better email deliverability.

Pinpoint targeting: Having access to cleansed email data or a list of emails of genuine potential buyers can help you to target the right audience. It also helps you to gain clarity in your email marketing strategy by producing more accurate email marketing statistics.

What roles does data quality play in email outreach campaigns?

High open and click rate percentages: Segmented email lists are part of high-quality email data that could promise impressive open and click rates. In an email marketing campaign, email list segmentation helped reach an open rate of 94% and a click-through rate of 38%.

Email personalization: According to industry experts, email marketers use message personalization as a top strategy to perform better. Besides personalized email messages, personalized email subject lines could help increase open rates. For effective email personalization, you need high-quality, refined customer data.

Email optimization for mobile devices: Around 42% of people will hit the delete button if the emails are not mobile-optimized. Of all email opens, mobile opens accounted for 43% in Q1 2021. Use of quality data is crucial for mobile email optimization.

Where do you find quality and clean data?

So how do you get reliable and verified data for email marketing campaigns? How can you be sure the data your email marketers will use is of best quality, not redundant, and accurate? Well, let’s be real here. Your email marketing team is already occupied with other important tasks.

You don’t want to invest additional time, team members, and money to do something that you are not professional at or not sure of its end results. Leave it to the experts so that you can focus more on making your email outreach a success story.

With B2B contact data providers, you can access a wealth of human-verified, accurate data to win those lucrative conversions through email marketing. The best part is you get to work with data that’s reverified every three months. Using free Chrome extensions is a good way to start collecting error-free, cost-free data.