Unashamed Poems

What is Me?

Just as the five fingers
Just are the man’s days
They aren’t the same—also got gingers
Gonna live days like nobody before lived his days
Counting worries? Count ya eternal years!

You rise and set ya days with the Son
Do not despise the Lord’s discipline, my son
Yeah, read Solomon’s proverb
Lemme add another verb
You power up ya inside to make every poison shun
You eat the Word to filter outside every communication, chum

My Author already wrote my life plot in His Book in no days
How I tie my shoe lace, go ’bout my ways; He knows my days
He shows ways to my blind legs and repairs my crippled eyes
My days! He already drew the characters in His eternity eyes
I ain’t the protagonist, He being he
I ain’t battling the antagonist, my faith being me

Don’t wanna wear, comb, drive, click, post, tweet, and body talk
Like the coolest dandy on the block
Like my temple ain’t the coolest and
Doubt how my big Daddy arranged its small blocks?

Just as He made me wanna be me, no self mock
Mocks, talks around me how my very me in their me doesn’t fit in
Fit in?
Fixed me in already
All ready since when He made the other half of me for me

Me is outtie
Me no chihuahua though I miss my cousin’s!
Who’s in the chula’s race anyway?

I’m all ready already to blow the candles and cut the covenant cake
Don’t wanna peek from high ground of faith make
Lest I get drown into the boggy ground of doubt make

Just wanna get drown into my Maker’s deep and
Dip in His love for a life