What are You Thinking About? Do Your Own Thing!

STATISTICS, PERCENTAGES, blah blah blah. Are you dependent on them in life? Well, if you are then you are a mere mechanical trash who DOES what the WORLD tells you to do and ACCEPTS what is thrown at. Just DO your OWN thing. Yes, the world may guide you to some extent to what it thinks is GOOD for you. But, you know better! You know to what extent you can go in order to achieve what YOU think is BEST for you. Yes, it’s YOU whose got to see your FUTURE more than others. It may be right statistically, but what will it profit you if you are not passionate about it? After dragging much long, what’s the use when you say, “It was never what I wanted to do!!!” [sigh] Do what interests you! Do the stuff that relates to your personal brand! Do what your HEART likes to!

Take this up. It’s in much demand these days

It applies much more to those recently graduated students and school pass outs when talking about doing your own thing. The first thing people ask after a student receives their high school or college result is, “Which stream are you going to choose?” and then they give options—SCIENCE, COMMERCE, or ARTS? The heavy-minded child who received their academic result only a moment ago hasn’t even fully enjoyed or gone through the disappointment, and they are already pressurized by folks around them. This time the pressure is to choose a stream to make their career in. They are asked to select the career option which is doing well, again, according to statistics. Oh! Give me a break! Life is short. Let the poor child at least enjoy the little, beautiful moments of life or have some time to recover from the disappointment. We can talk about their career later, right?

Everything has its own beauty

Is success everything in life? Where are those happy moments in the mother’s lap? Where is that friendly cricket match with the father? Where are those hands which helped the old to cross the roads? Where is that leaning on the loved one’s chest? Have we lost them in this busy, economy-minded world? May be YES or May be NO. We can still change it. It’s good news guys! Woo hoo! But how? By letting go the choices that “people” think are good for your career and exploring the ones that truly interest you and best suit you. Every occupation, every career, and every job profile has its own advantages and scopes. There are MBA students who still knock at people’s doors to sell toothbrushes, there are COMMERCE students who are hired by the best companies in the city, and there are ARTS graduates who swim in big bucks by demonstrating their unique writing, art making, singing, or dancing talent.

It’s you who needs to choose which career option to take up. And once you take it up then there’s no turning back. So choose the one that best matches your interests, desires, skills, talents, abilities, and your areas of expertise because you are going to need them to excel in it. Success is bound to come around when you put your heart into what you are doing.

The final word

Now, listen carefully folks! Doing your own thing does not mean promoting evil desires and interests. The statement made earlier—Do what your HEART likes to—does not mean you do anything regardless of the feelings, privacy, and existence of others. You don’t want to hurt people or cross the line while fulfilling your heart’s desires. You cannot say, “I will do what I want; I don’t care about law and order,” “I don’t care about my parents’ expectations and dreams,” or “I’m not a part of the society.” Besides, you don’t want to do anything that’s foolish, unprofitable in the future, or simply evil.

Keep God in front of your eyes. Concentrate on Him instead on the circumstances of life that pull you down. Flush off the junk from your mind. Ensure that your intentions, desires, or preferences are ethical and righteous. Advice, suggestions, and recommendations are handy, but you also need to consider this principle—Take what’s good, leave what’s bad. SPREAD the blessings and STAY blessed!