Unashamed Poems

Unashamed—Tribute to Lecrae & 116 Clique

Aye, you can stick that skinny label on my back
But mayn, I won’t stop preaching why He became skinny on that Cross
(2K years flashback)
Why got ploughed His back
Why shed His skin when they smilingly smite His back
And why the Son got burnt on that Wood

Hey dawg, you could mock me on my flat lower back
But, I promise I ain’t stitching my lips
To speak out why the King of kings lowered His back flat
For us spiritually poverty stricken people

My people, He says
Will trade people and nations for them He says
‘Cause they’re found precious in His two
Go back to Isaiah 43:2
Because they were given shape to
When they were a mere flesh ball in their mumma’s belly

Mayn, this uppercase G even hears prayers from the fish’s belly
Yeah, salvation came to Jonah after he got puked out of disobedience’s belly
When the belly got upset with the prayer smoke he rose

Yeah, black rose!
If it wasn’t for that empty grave
You would see my mum keep a rose
On my filled grave
Ugh! That’s grave!!

You see me a failure cause my pen’s earning only dimes
You say that ’cause you know not
I have that ’cause I say that—
My Manager’s preparing mansions and storing treasures plus rewards
In that overseas Bank for me

Ah! At times, I have no rhymes!
Neva’ mind
Keep yo’ mind on that Word
Instead of typing that ‘P’ word in Google box
Clicking Enter in Boodigo box
Even though you’re not 18
And getting boxed in by that Anti-Word

Trust me, you cannot defeat that Anti-King
Cause his Scarlet Woman is too risqué
To the Pit she’ll risk you!
You need to sign that 1 Corinthians 6:18 treaty with your King James

The clock’s ticking its last tick
You might not get another clock’s tick
From the clock’s Owner, why risk it?

Don’t expect to accept the Messiah
At your multi-parameter’s last tick
Gotta to do that now before to spirit you get sick
‘Cause you know not when you’ll empty your soma

You’d prolly deny this shy Nick
But, Imma tell this to every Tom, Harry & Dick

Yeah, died to the world
So this dead bearded young man is deaf and dumb to your youthful mocks
I pray the Great Heart Surgeon doesn’t harden yo’ heart
And turn you deaf and dumb to His heart

I promise you won’t regret giving your heart into the heart
Of the Author of love who authored your life
So take heart and take this stuff to yo’ heart
‘Cause you’d be cursing yo’ heart if you end up in the Pit’s heart