Unashamed Poems

Unabashed Spitters of the Gospel

Jeez…I can’t rap
But I hear these wordplays under snapbacks
Of these rappers’ raps arresting even the rapers’ rapes
Wrapping those 16 bars like lil’ veined bomb packs
Spitting into the sinners’ ears right through their in-ears

Like they goin’ deaf
To the soul stealer doing identity theft
To the ear feeder who fed that apple
To his dame right under Adam’s Adam’s apple

Jeez…my pen spits bars
Though I don’t voice ’em
More powerful than an AK
Shooting words like Ballistic Tip
Piercing their heart
Right through their bullet-proof

No green, pink, and golden
Only red, white, and blue—you know ’em!
These bartenders not twisting but mixing
Words with the Word and then jugglin’
Before the folks who prolly gettin’ turnt!
And get the show gettin’

‘Crae, Trip & Teda
Know that you are loved by ya broda
And Imma stay unashamed
Like he rappers unafraid
Summing up ‘116’
Yeah, manning up
Submitting manhood to that Man upstairs
And leaning on His grace aka power no mercies

My faith eyes see MC’s like ‘Em—
My first and ex-hiphop to introduce to you
Losing himself for Christ before ’em
MC’ing that Cross ceremony takin’ a U
Now my ears wish the White America—
Feat Welcome to America

Just wanna see these stars war
Like they in star wars
Stars of the Morning Star
Directing folks to the morning hope
Canceling the rules read to them by the pope