Love Poems

Taste Love Bitter No More

I’m amazed at her amazement of finding her best
Who me? I asked the Maker who always thought of my best
Yes, you…because I intended it to be
He hid her all these years from the world
But she was always present in my very world
It’s just my eyes were blinded for the bigger picture

The best opportunities aren’t always obvious
Thanks to Pastor Furtick for making clear the obvious
There’s another Steven that you just helped with your sermon
In my every breath, every wish, every word
You were always there, my word!
It’s just that my lustful eyes never perceived your presence

Now that Love has washed away the speckle from my eyes
I see you, don’t know whether you see me too, with my new eyes
They mock me for the failed love before you were revealed
But they don’t understand it was a mere test
If I could love you when my love’s put to test

I eagerly wait to hold you in my arms, princess
This prince has waited too long to find his princess
Will you pardon me for giving myself away to Pharoah’s wife?
Love is not something to find, it is to be found
For the last time, wait till I pluck the sweet fruit for you,
Says Love, I promise you won’t taste love bitter anymore