SEO Content

A Brafton infographic says 92% of marketers have confessed content creation to be “effective” for SEO. If your website content is not optimized for SEO, it’s falling short of a great digital marketing strategy. With a wealth of experience in SEO writing, I can ensure your website lands at top positions in Google search results.


Whether you want to produce “content specific” leads through your business website or just keep it updated for your daily visitors, blogging has gone far beyond just a practice of sourcing information. Get quality blog content, whether informal or business-oriented. 60% of businesses who blog win more customers, according to a survey by HubSpot.

Web Copy

Okay, let’s get this straight. Creating good copy content for your business website is an easy way to rake in lots of money and online reputation. Period. The art of persuasion is in the hands of an experienced and expert copywriter. Don’t settle for a so-so copy, boost your bottom line with valued content! According to Ad Age, Kraft gets 1.1 billion ad impressions not through ads but content marketing.


Did you know? 7 of 10 copywriters have a belief of being successful screenwriters one day, and the other 3 are female. Writing an amazing screenplay for corporate business takes great skills and talent, outlining the visual, aural, lingual and behavioral facets. Your screen should be such that it narrates a “story” to the viewer every time it’s played.


Poems. WOW! They are not just for passing the time on a sunny beach day, they are for every occasion. And I just love to write them. Whether you’re down on your knees wanting to make the hardest proposal of your life or wanting to add some flavor to your life, get poems of almost every genre here or ask for your original piece at stevenchopade@gmail.com.