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This is the official personal website of professional content writing artist and poet Steven Chopade. Steven writes business, life, spiritual, and regional blogs.
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So High Like Seeing Deep Low

15 Jul So High Like Seeing Deep Low

Like they thinking I’m keeping low
So high like eagle’s eyes seeing the deepest low
Faith & joy ain’t no ads on social media
My real life catching cameras of local media

They be like I lack joy
It ain’t Romeo-Juliet, boy
Our “covenant” don’t die in the end
We be celebrating it till the end

Facebookians preaching me—how lame of me
Busy with my office rhymes—took a piece of me
Seen my ‘last seen’ like 23rd August, 23:59 pm
Busy with feet washing & 1:16 like till the am

SI, long mane, brown mocha, broad tu-lips, unskinny
Never gave Him the long list, yet got the “gift” perfectly
Though you be hiding His agape entirely
All I know is He swore by Himself for eternity

Need no sympathy folks!
Neither empathy with your talks
I carry the Word on my walks
Surety for your boy in their mocks

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