Love Poems

Love Her before She’s Gone

She carved you on her soul
When you were already conceived in her heart
Though you dropped her out of your life,
She never for once thought of dropping you
Even when the hypocrites soiled her status
And the cowards told to separate you from her piece by piece

Ah! Where is the world going!
She beats her breasts, not in anguish, you foolish son
You tear her heart apart when she perceives it’s your loss
You leave her to rest of the abandoned mothers
Pay her seldom visits, as if she’s your distant aunt
And the poor fella who pushes her wheels a real son

What does she want from you?
Just sense of assurance you haven’t forgotten her
Even the soul Maker does not take away her sons from her soul
She carries you in the deepest part of her wherever she goes
Unless she’s perishing in the never-ending fire
Because she loves you too much

Be a child with her when it’s time for her to go home
They say, the aged become children again before it is time
She watches you behave childlike with your little ones
Now you feel embarrassed to walk her through the garden?
Regret is worse than failure, the clock won’t turn back time
Once she’s gone, it’s not worth sobbing by her empty chair