Love Poems

Her Second Man

She gave away a piece of herself
To give him a piece of bread
Sold her most precious thing, precious to a woman
To buy the least of things that his little mind finds precious

She chose to take beatings in the dark
To give him the light of the day
Then comes the morning when she trains herself
Only to fight blood by blood for a happy family dinner

But she couldn’t hide her scars at the dinner table
Her boy finds himself in tears flowing to his dry bread
This too shall pass
What a lie! It only passes after she passes away

But hold on
Hold your heart, mum, says the only man of the house
Steps into his late old man’s shoes
To become a man early in life

He walks up to her in unfitting shoes
To promise her: your son’s shooting for the moon
Let me give you a hand till I give you rest
For the rest of your life