Unashamed Poems

God Bless You, Mockers!

Because I’m happy…
Imma be like—God bless ya’ll, my mockers!
I’m burstin’ crackers – now that’s a cracker!
No curse words for you father mockers
Cuz instead my Daddy taught me to be a blesser

Because I’m happy…
They want my mum to kiss my casket
Every third day
But hardly do their eyes with the eyelid
Know that my Dad opened the lid
And came outta the same damn casket
On the third day

Because I’m happy…
I tried to move outta their way
Wear shoes of their brand
But they rag me for my Jesus brand
Like they doin’ sidewalk salsa
Deliberately tryna get in my way
And I’m like—I’m right, you goin’ in the wrong way

Because I’m happy…
I join my hands before the meal
But they’re laughing
As I thank my Daddy for the meal
Hardly matters cuz I’ve got a different laughing
Yeah, joy surpassing all understanding!
Imma be Romans 1:16 right in their standing

Because I’m happy…
I ain’t scared to face them
Get in their faces to bless them
Their pain is like prickles of a rose
Just smell the good and leave the bad

Because I’m happy…
I’m a dead man to the sphere
So their hate doesn’t enter my cadaver
They know that Imma be happy no matter what
Makin’ them more depressy despite of their what not

Because I’m happy…
Like Pharrell Williams
Yeah, I’m dancing like my room’s roofless
Ruthless to the sadness
Cuz I know that’s what I wanna do
Yeah, head over heels
Cuz I know the truth that heals