Content Strategy for Market Researchers

Improve your company website

Building digital presence is of paramount importance in today’s digital world. No matter how good your business is, if you don’t have a strong digital presence, tapping into new markets and client bases or attracting the right people to your business would be challenging.

Create a dynamic website for your market research business or transform your current website into a dynamic, more SEO-friendly one. Your website should be Google-friendly enough to ensure it easily ranks on the world’s number one search engine.

Include infographics to graphically present how the market research company operates, the research methodology, and top achievements of the company in terms of the number of clients, names of popular clients, number of reports published to date or on a monthly basis, and data/information sources used.

Easy-to-understand, highly graphical infographics can be used to explain trending global/regional markets, while focusing on top drivers and restraints, market opportunities, leading players and their shares, etc. They are a part of key digital marketing strategies these days.

The content on the website should be regularly updated, except static pages including the home page, about us, services, and contact us – which do not need to be updated as often as other pages. Blog, press release, report description, free analysis, and other types of content should be added daily and at scale to increase the chances of the website getting ranked on Google or to give it better visibility on the Internet.

Posting trending news stories related to top-ranking global/regional markets can also help rank the website on Google News, which is a great way of improving visitor traffic on your website

Complete your daily SEO submissions

It is usually one of the most common and daily tasks of SEOs and digital marketers. The content team can provide unique content or templates to the digital marketing team to help them with quality, targeted SEO submissions on paid or free websites. SEOs are required to perform keyword analysis to know which markets or keywords are trending, and accordingly promote reports for those markets or keywords through SEO submission.

A template for SEO submission includes 200-300 words of unique content and the rest of it basically comprises TOC, Buy Now or Report Sample links, and information on what the market research report will include. One template can be used for 20-25 SEO submissions. SEOs are generally expected to achieve a target of 200-300 SEO submissions per working day.

Create content to post on paid sources

Paid sources are used to quickly rank your website and content on Google (or Google News) or on the paid source itself. Paid sources include websites that accept press releases, blogs, articles, and other types of content from companies, journalists, and individual content creators.

Although they guarantee top spots on Google search results, paid sources require the content to be posted to include the right keywords and keyword density (3-5%), a catchy and non-repetitive title, intelligent positioning of Buy Now/Report Sample links, and follow the content submission rules of the paid source.

Build your own PR submission website

Such websites can help you publish your own press releases promoting your reports and also accept press releases from other companies or content creators at a cost. You can offer monthly packages to post press releases.

Write trending news stories

Most market research companies like to keep their website visitors and clients updated and help them with latest developments in their interested markets through news stories. Building news websites is a great way of promoting your market research reports.

Writing news stories helps communicate to the reader that your company regularly keeps its finger on the pulse of global/regional markets, products, and technologies the reader is interested in. News websites can also include SEO submissions to direct traffic to your company or gain sales inquiries/leads.

Investors and report buyers usually subscribe to news websites to stay updated about market situations and industries they do business in. Any new SEO submission or news article posted on the website will directly send a notification to their inbox, which improves the chances of winning sales inquiries or leads.

News stories can also be posted on the main company website. Trending news topics can be easily found on Google News. The feed on Google News can be customized by changing the region and selecting the news category.

Use email marketing content

Email marketing is not dead. Digital marketers still use email marketing to target potential clients. Email marketing content includes one or two key drivers, ongoing or future trends, regional market information, and global market figures (base year revenue or volume, forecast year revenue or volume, and CAGR). Basically, it provides a glimpse of the markets that the potential clients are interested in.

Increase your social media presence

LinkedIn and Twitter are among the favorite professional/social platforms that market researchers use to promote their reports. Initially, you may require to invest in these social media platforms through premium membership, ad credits, or ad campaigns, until your account builds up a robust base of followers.

What are the important things to remember when writing the following content pieces?

1. Press release

Most writers commit the mistake of making a press release sound like an article or blog. A press release should look and sound like a press release, and at the same time, engage the reader and convince them to click on the report sample link. It should include the name of the report publisher and report title in the first paragraph. Including news references and facts and findings from recognized organizations like WHO and Bloomberg will make your press release more authentic and engaging.

Following are the sections included in a press release created to promote a market research report:

Introduction: Includes things explained above, plus global market figures and one or two drivers, and maybe a recent market development or latest news update on the website.

Drivers and restraints: Provide lesser number of drivers if the market is growing at a sluggish rate or negative CAGR.

Segmentation analysis: Mainly focus on product, application, and other segments that secure the largest share of the market.

Regional analysis: Besides regional analysis, you can also include country-level analysis of the market. Back your analysis with recent news updates.

2. Competitive landscape analysis

Include recent product launches, merger, acquisition, and other agreements, and future growth plans of top market players. Explain the nature of the vendor landscape and its dynamics, key strategies adopted by leading players, and future expectations from the market in terms of competition

3. Free analysis/report description

Create your own unique style and flow of report descriptions. This will help you stand apart from other market research players out there. Again, you need to support your statements in the report description with facts, findings, and news references. This makes your content more believable to the reader. You can also include graphics representing current and future market situations, including drivers, key players, market shares, etc.

4. News stories

Make sure you answer the ‘5W and 1H’ questions right in the first paragraph of your news story. A typical merger or acquisition news article would include the name of the acquirer and the company being acquired, transaction cost, closure date of the transaction, and benefits of the transaction to the acquiring company in the first paragraph itself. A news story should include at least 1-2 quotes from the CEO or important personnel from either of the two companies.