Steven Chopade | Unashamed Poems
This is the official personal website of professional content writing artist and poet Steven Chopade. Steven writes business, life, spiritual, and regional blogs.
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Unashamed Poems

26 Jul What is Me?

Just as the five fingers Just are the man's days They aren't the same—also got gingers Gonna live days like nobody before lived his days Counting worries? Count ya eternal years! You rise and set ya days with the Son Do not despise the Lord's discipline, my son Yeah, read Solomon's proverb Lemme...

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19 Jul Thank You, Poets of G+

It’s been a week Hearing these pens speak Some ‘bout fantasy, some reality Some ‘bout brutality, some tranquility I’m enjoying like I’m on poets’ bus Thank you, Poets of G+ The Showcase Jeez…It takes my case! As I explore my briefcase To pull out my best word tools And not get counted among fools I’m enjoying...

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