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This is the official personal website of professional content writing artist and poet Steven Chopade. Steven writes business, life, spiritual, and regional blogs.
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Spiritual Poems

08 Jul Springs of Life

Fountains of life springing forth As the only fountain in the children's garden There they go reviving my spirit forth Decorating, as a bride, my heart's garden Like the earth holds a strong tree So does Your creative words hold me Like its roots determine the tree's strength My depth in Your...

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15 Jun Isaiah 43

Ahem! It's the Creator Your Mediator Hand over the mic and just sit back Till I give you a hand over your enemies' back I'mma stay cool when it's hot See Him change the game when it's always hot Always but, I snatch the mic Like He's a bad host; trusted my...

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19 May Unripened Fruit

Be strong, steadfast, put your shoulders back Kiss your enemies, frenemies as you'd kiss your lover's back Let your lips smile, face shine, eyes glow Even though your heart's got its biggest blow Wonder how the Son endured the Cross? The bigger glory, the bigger picture beyond the Cross Thinking outta...

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11 May You’re Awesome

Like a cool breeze in despairing desert, Serene kiss in the midst of raging multitudes Like a delicate tickle to a baby's belly, Fine stroke of the brush on a canvas So is Your voice of many waters Like the morning chirp of a morning bird, New mother's lullaby to her...

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