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This is the official personal website of professional content writing artist and poet Steven Chopade. Steven writes business, life, spiritual, and regional blogs.
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Author: Steven Chopade

19 Sep Spiritual Quotes

"God’s plans always promote, never demote you."— Steven Chopade "It hurts because God is treating your spiritual disease, just as a good medical practitioner does for his patients."— Steven Chopade "Don’t cuddle, neither coddle your fears."— Steven Chopade "Sometimes, God puts you in a position where you have...

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30 Aug Philosophy Quotes

"Being wise does not necessarily make you mature."— Steven Chopade "When you step on the stumbling blocks, they become building blocks that lift you to a new level."— Steven Chopade "Don’t take it as a struggle. Consider it as your pursuit for the unseen rewards."— Steven Chopade "It...

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