Spiritual Poems

All Hands High for Yeshua—A Believer’s Foresight

Wounded knees dancing,
Broken elbows raising high,
Wet eyes lifting,
Pierced hearts glorifying,
Silent lips worshiping,
Souls shouting glory, glory, glory.

All for the Lord!
All for the Restorer!
All for the awesome Yeshua!

Nations lifting their heads up,
Regions joining hands together,
Communities stepping forward,
Churches toiling under the scorching sun,
Young blood on fire,
Generations turning back,
Fathers preparing their firstborns,
Weak getting fearless.

To bring forward the Good News!
To bring home the Lost!
To bring forth Salvation unmerited!

Evil hearts loving,
Stealing hands helping,
Killing fists now defending,
Lustful minds seeking Jehovah’s presence,
Cursing tongues speaking revelations,
Lurking eyes blessing wholeheartedly.

All because of His Conviction!
All because of His sacrificial Lamb!
All because of His faithful Pardon, openhanded Blessings!

All hands high for Yeshua!